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Nancy's Camembert

​Hudson Valley Camembert Square

​Kinderhook Creek

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Black Sheep Cheese and Yogurt

​                            can be found across the United States. Our products are most easily found at Major grocery chains, specialty                                       cheese shops, gourmet markets as well as health food stores, co-ops . Also, Look for us on the Menu at some                                     of the best restaurants in the country.

          Shepherd’s Way, The Galton family farm has been working in conjunction with Old Chatham Sheepherding Company for the past several years. We recently built a state of the art facility in the Finger Lakes Region of New York, where the sheep are now located. Our flock is currently made up of 2,100 dairy sheep that are milked twice a day. The flock is fed a combination of locally sourced hay and grains. Our milk is transported directly to the creamery where it's crafted into our signature sheep’s milk cheeses and yogurts. 

We love our sheep!

From our Farm to Ewe


​            Old Chatham Sheepherding Company was born back in 1993 when Tom and Nancy Clark bought 600 acres of lush grassy fields in Old Chatham, New York to form a sheep dairy farm. It soon became the largest of its kind in the United States. The Clark’s were involved in every aspect of the operation for nearly twenty years, from helping design the barns and the creamery to making the cheese itself.
            Old Chatham’s Camembert, Ewe’s Blue, Kinderhook Creek and sheep’s milk yogurts have since won numerous awards and appear on restaurant menus and in the cheese cases of the best specialty food stores throughout the country.
            Dave and Sally Galton purchased Old Chatham Sheepherding Company from Tom and Nancy in December of 2014 and continue to produce Old Chatham’s original line of artisanal cheeses and sheep’s milk yogurts. ​