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"I have a cheese tasting every year the day after Thanksgiving and your cheese has been the #1 favorite every time!"

~Ann -IL

"Thank you for the creamiest most delicious Camembert I have ever tasted!"

~ B. M. – NYC

"Best cheese that I have ever eaten, namely Nancy’s Hudson Valley Camembert."

~ M. B. – NC


Old Chatham's Ewe's Blue is truly one of a kind. Made with 100% pure sheep's milk and reminiscent of Roquefort, this blue is creamy, fruity and leaves a pleasing bite.

Available in whole wheels or pre-wrapped and wedged

A pure sheep's milk, soft-ripened cheese. This bloomy rind surrounds a wonderfully creamy, earthy center that will become oozy upon reaching its peak.

Available in 14oz or 3.5oz mini wheels

Our Iconic Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert is a lush blend of sheep's milk, cow's milk and cow's cream. This soft-ripened cheese is lusciously creamy, rich and buttery. ​Available in whole wheels, pre-wrapped and wedged, or in a unique square shape!

​Ewe's Blue

​Kinderhook Creek

​Nancy's Hudson Valley Camembert

Black Sheep Cheese

​Congrats to all the World Cheese Awards Medal Winners!

Nancy's Camembert

​Hudson Valley Camembert Square

​Kinderhook Creek